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SSL Error
Hi,I have an OpenCart running in a HostGator server. It has been functional for the last two years. However, this last week they changed something on their servers and now I am not able to access it
Checkout Error - Notice: Undefined Index
Dear friends,Please help me out to see what is going on with my checkout section?It seems some of my setting issues cause the error, please enlighten me! Thanks a lot!My OC is message is
Cannot view and edit order after install opencart
Hello, I am from Bangladesh. Yesterday I install opencart on my server. After install I added some product and change country & zone. When customer complete order I got an email notification but I
Editing the URL of a Contact Page
Good day,This is my first post on this forum and what I think it is my first post on a forum ever so I would like to start by saying Hi and by thanking you for reading this topic in advance.In my
Fatal error: Class 'Customer' not found - re upload not work
I tried to upgrade my open cart from 1.5.4 to 2.0.3 but failed because of my out of date template.now I wanted to restore it back to original. I uploaded everything and everything looks good in admin
Registration date of birth inquiry
Instead of year have.. Year range like.. Before 1948 1948-1960 etc.. DOB in Register Account.jpg (8.18 KiB) Viewed 59 times Hi,Is there a way to either have the Registration age as..18-25,
how to configure apache on Vestacp(centos server+nginx)
- I have moved from shared hosting to vps hosting with 1GB ram but my issue is how to configure apache and/or nginx to make it work with OC-2031, the site works but the issue is that I cannot get the
Discounts for specific clients
Hello Everyone im new to opencart, can you please help me im trying to ad a 15% discount to specific individual clients but unsure on how to go about it.....
Is there a way to directly link a product through the EAN?
My question is, like in in the topic. Basicly I wan't to redirect to a product through the EAN. For example, I have something like http:/index.php?route=product/product&path=25&product_id=45
check if user login or not in cart checkout
Hello Hi Everyone,Am using opencart v template,I have one doubt in cart checkout .my requirement is If user Logged in --------------------- If user add product to cart click on cart CHECKOUT
PHP Fatal Error - Allowed memory size
Hi, I am sorry if it is asked before, I already searched the forum but found nothing for windows server. I am using Plesk and IIS and getting the following error in my website http://parcaturkiye.com
Include Category in Search results
Any idea how to include categories into the search results?Thank you in advance,
Product links
Hi all,how can it be solved, that the products in my webshop could have one link.For example there are products listed on the homepage and in their categories too.On the homepage the link is:
How do variables get filled in tpl files?
For example:In category.tpl how does the $products variable get filled?I look at both controller/products/category.php and model/catalog/category.php but don't find a $products variable.category.tplif
Warning: fopen(/home/xxxxx/xxxxx/system/logs/): failed to op
HiI installed a fresh opencart and did a test migration using cart2cart.Everything went fine.I was waiting on confirmation from customer a couple of weeks to do the full migration but when I
Change returns and order confirmation e-mail adresses
Hi, I want to use different email addresses within opencart. I have managed to change the address for the contact form, but I also want to use a different address when I message a customer through the
Always show subcategories in left column
Hi can anyone tell me how to show subcategories in the category module in version
Cleaner urls
Hi all,I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a way to clean up my urls. I did use a large SEF component but it was too problematicCurrently my urls are like this http://www.domain.com/food-packaging-co
How to create a manufacturer detailed page
I have been trying for days to find out how can I create a manufacturer detailed page linked from the manufacturer list.Hopefully someone will help so my hair doesn't go any greyerwith regardsNigel
Category page listing products even when no products asigned
Category page listing products even when no products are assigned to a category. The category page even says "There are no products to list in this category." And then it lists every product