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Refine search images
Does V1.5.6.4 have the refine search image built into the code?I installed the VQMod Manager and turned off sub category images and they are still visible on the store.ThanksDan
Importing CSV - prices are 100 times original price
Hi, I have a problem with the product prices that I import from an CSV file.Inside the CSV file the prices are all correct, for example one of our products costs 1 Euro, but when it is imported the
[SOLVED] Can't Fix Warning: require_once(vqmod/vqmod.php):
Hi all,I have just moved my store from one server to another. All the files have been copied over and the shop seems to be there. I noticed a lot of product images missing so I logged in to the Admin
Hey Guys,I just started using opencart and observed the price of an item doubles when i checkout, I have tried to trace where I got it wrong but can not conclude where.I would appreciate resourceful
Coupon code only working for 1 item
Hey guys,Im using Opencart have setup a coupon for a discount of a fixed amount, but if i buy more than 1, it still only applies the coupon once.Can someone tell me how i can set the coupon
Order detail issues
Im using 1.5.6 and have an issue that is driving us crazy.Every now or then and order is somehow changed by the system.Some orders are doubled up in product numbers, which we first thought was a
Checkout not working $(...).jcarousel is not a function?
I am brand new to Opencart so please forgive my lack of insight.I have installed Opencart Version have installed the Polishop Theme from themeforest, this is the site:
How can we see same cart with same acc. in different device
Hi everybody;First of all sorry for my bad english and I want say something about our business structuce before write about our problem.We are using OC for a wholesaler company. Our process
Apply coupon to all eligible products in cart
Hi,I was wondering if anybody has done this or knows how to implement it. Lets say I am running a coupon offering $100 off products A,B and C. If I have products A and B in my cart the coupon
Category / Product Redirect Bug
I'm a developer trying to figure out this bug that's happening on my site. I'm pretty familiar with Opencart's structure so feel free to direct me as I can navigate through the file paths.My issue is
JSON error Please help me!
Hi Guys, I recently discovered an error on my open cart. I am running version 1.5.8. Whenever I try to checkout or add to cart and then select guest account or even register account , as I want to
JSON error Please help me!
I recently encountered an error when trying to checkout. when users try to checkout with guest account or new account they get this error- I am using v 1.5.8Please help me. Much
Can someone upgrade my open cart today from to 2.0?
I need someone who knows how to easily do this quickly for $50. Thanks. :-)
SSL and Google sitemaps
I just had my OC1.5.6.4 site moved to SSL successfully. However, there is a problem with the sitemap(domain.com/index.php?route=feed/google_sitemap) submitted to Google webmasters tools. The URLs in
Opencart Payment Hacked - FathurFreakz
Dear all,I searched all the posts but nobody seemed to have this issue. My opencart is version and upgrade from the 1.5.6. I use this version because the theme I like is only compatible to
How could I disable or remove the "You are signed in as .........Click here to Logout." message that appears in a grey box in the footer whenever a user is signed in? I'm using OC
How to delete Recurring payments?
Hello all, I have already asked question..So ,can anyone help about this issues?I would like to remove complete Recurring payments from side menu , and I dont need this, speaccily cause I cant
Product links duplication cuz of ?tag=
Hey everyone,I am facing a real issue that causes a terrible SEO affect on my site.I started using many SEO tools that analyze my store and gives me feedback on things that may affect my SEO
errors on cart page and checkout
ver --- help desperately needed please(can't auto upgrade to 2.0 through arrive, so stuck until I get time and can send through sales and inventory and upgrade)be that, arrive tried to
Need to add external link to my main menu
Have version Vqmod 2.1 I have a wordpress blog and I want to add a 'blog' link on my main header menu in my opencart site I was told I could use this<?xml version="1.0"