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Opencart Shop By Category
I had deafult theme after installing Opencart Version and it shows Shop By Category on Home Page. But then i have installed the custom theme by purchasing it from themeforest and its working
How to serve static content from a Cookie-less Domain
Hey Guyz,Recently I realized my site ( www.marketplacebd.com ) needs a cookieless domain to serve the static contents. I'm not so expert in these things, so I just searched over the forums &
Need Help Fast
Need help fast.My site was working great earlier today, i added some new items, etc.Then tonight its not loading, it wants to download a .bin file instead of loading the page. www.gcextreme.com is
how to apply sharing session?
Hi,How to use sharing session with three different domains?the great programmers can explain.Thank!
Product wont add to cart on landing/index page
Hi,My products wont add to cart on landing, first index page, go to any other page and is OK, use the back button to the index page and still does not work. Just done a new install of and the
Login into Store doesn´t work on cell-phones and Tablets!
Hello, please help me. I found out that in administration in Customers doesn´t work the column - Login into Store.On my PC or Laptop is ok but on Tablet and Cell-phones isn´t. It does nothing.I´m
Opencart Calculation
Hi, http://postimg.org/image/jk5xbj6wv/Hi, i am creating a OpenCart store that sell banners. Based on the picture above, the total price of the banner is the sum of the white & the red areas. I
Paypal Express Checkout - Nothing on click
Hey guys.I have an issue. When I go to setup Paypal Express Checkout everything is setup fine etc. I insert the API credentials and enable the module etc on the checkout pages.Here's the thing: I can
Cannot Edit product NEED HELP!!!
I can insert Product but afterwards i cannot edit it. It gives me this Error Message: Warning: mysql_query(): Table 'klmlife_oc6.oc_product_tab' doesn't exist in
Products with future availability date don't show up
Products with future availability date don't show up in catalog.I tried the ''show future available'' extension but it didn't work.I want products with future availability date to show up in catalog
Need Help on Shopping Cart Function
Good Evening to all OpenCart Master,I encounter a problem with my Shopping Cart, whenever i point my mouse to the shopping cart image and click, it will work correctly to show the product, but when i
List products as only IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK
I have a website that runs off an XML stream from the vendor. The XML does not count qty of the products, just whether they have it in stock or nor. So when it gets imported into my OC ( if
Products Available in the Future (Pre-Order) Don't Show Up
Hi,Some of my products are available in the future (pre-orders).I set the date the products will become available and the in-stock status to ''pre-order''.However, the products do NOT show up on the
hide add to cart for specific products or categories
HiI have a client who is using opencart and they have just asked me if the add to cart can be hidden based on specific categories or products as they don't want their customers to order some
I can't modify order status
Hi there I am new to opencart and i have been working on pre-made template. With the lates upgrade installed i have a problem modifying or deleting order status!! Whenever i try to eidt the order it
Invoice Rogue CSS in Totals
Following the integration of Sagepay V3 into OC totals on the invoice shows rogue CSS Styling (but only on sales with coupons)Product Model Quantity Unit Price Total American DJ ADJ Wifly
Changing Cart Position
Hi,My theme I have comes with a built in control panel to make pretty much all changes possible to my theme, but the one thing I want to do, there isn't an option for, which means I have to make
Support for Opencart Advanced Google Analytic Module
Hi, Was hoping we could get some support on the Google Analytic Expert module from opencart. We tired contacting the original developer but he has gone MIA???We have found that Opencart is detecting
Fatal error: Class 'Customer' not found.
Hello everyone. I m using opencart and i tried to upload the latest upgrade but i got many errors so i decided to remove the whole folder of my site and to reupload the version i had in back
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