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How to install theme on OpenCart Version
Hello everyone,I am new here, in fact i just started learning about OpenCart, i was able to complete the install, that is Version but i am having problems in installing theme. Any help please?
How can i remove view bug
Hi guys, i have a view bug from products tab on admin panel... when i move to next tab he move all my settings to the right side. Ty
Problem with contact form
hello,I am using opencart but my contact form is not working... Every Mails (order mails, registration mails) are working fine... But only the contact form makes troubles.
profile tab not showing in product admin
Hi have been trying to set up a profile to allow me to offer a recurring payment over a selected period and though I can see how to set up the profile page by going to catalogue profiles and entering
Adding multiple items to cart at once (moved)
I incorrectly posted this in the General Discussion forum, so I moved it here.Here is my <form> tag:<form action="<?php echo str_replace('&', '&amp;', $action); ?>"
Easy recurring orders
Hi, feature recurring payments is good but i do not need payment paypal express after order.I only want recurring orders. So order will create by self set frequency and customer get information about
unpack error in fsa_tree_file.php
Occasionally when I do a product search I get the following error Warning: unpack(): Type V: not enough input, need 4, have 0 in /home/.../system/library/phpmorphy/src/fsa/access/fsa_tree_file.php
Feature Product in Category Page Help!
Hello,Hoping that someone may be able to help me.I bought the 'Feature Product in Category Page' extension. http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route ... n_id=16775 Opencart V 1.5.6Have tried to
email subject empty - (no subject)
Hiim having this strange problem, when a user requests a new password using the fogot option, the email does not have a subject... it says(no subject)but the boy content is ok...im using Opencart
Ghost items on User Permission List
Hey there,I've removed some installed and developed modules from my opencart set, but they still show up on the User Permission list. Is there a way to clean that? Where are these ghost registers
No Shipping Item Error
I've seen one post in these forums, but no real answer. I have a cart setup, and everything works as it is supposed to, with one exception. A product was added that does not require shipping; when
is it possible?
HelloI have signed up with arvixe hosting for Pro plan where you could host unlmtd domains under single hosting.We already have a site with another hoster running opencart which i would like to move
brother categories in product page
hi,i have a need and i cant locate any module that solves it.FOr sample, i've categories as:computers - tablets - desktops - laptops i've a supermenu extension to show my menu, not standard menu.in
Product option error message
Hi all,I am trying to modify the red options error message when the user forget a mandatory options field. (see image attached)I would like to show a message in new window (see image attached)How can
Help pleeeease!! How do I remove something from my top menu
Does anybody know how I can remove 'contact' from my top menu bar without deleting the contact page or it's info?It is accessible from the footer also, I just don't want it showing on the top menu bar
Pav Bike Store Theme Megamenu
Hi, I'm using OC v1.5.6 and am currently configuring the above titled theme for my site. The problem I'm having at present is that I have configured the main and sub categories in the Pav Megmenu
Tag search still not working after changing ['filter_tag']
Hi all,I am an Opencart newbie. I have just installed the Opencart because the Perfectum theme I like to use does not work with 2.0.After adding products and tags I realised the tag search was
Integration into Existing Site
Hi everyone,I have an existing website that I want to integrate opencart to. It is in PHP and it was hand written (not using any off the shelf software). I am new to ecommerce and thought it would be
Email Text not showing correctly.
The email and table header is showing the variable instead of the text. Anyone can help on this?text_new_greetingtext_new_link http://www.marke.my/aiotech/index.php?r ... order_id=6
"Purchase Domain" Extension in Opencart
Hi all,I'm developing a site and we wanted to know if opencart would be a solution for us.We need to be able to search and purchase domains as a product option so we can completely manage customers