Facebook share URL errors on some shares
Using plugin bt_socialshare.Go to a site article, click Facebook share.In some instances, the facebook.com/sharer/ window shows the article headline and excerpt to share.But in other instances, it
SOLVED:Cannot save Global Configuration after importing user
Hi all,I am having issues where my Global Configuration is not saving after importing a new user tables from an existing site.Some quick background history first:- Had an old 2.5.18 site and did a
default installation directory where the extensions folder?
default installation directory where the extensions folder?any help and welcome
Accessing User Groups in Template Code
We have recently upgraded our site to 3.3.3. In the template code we determine the user group of the logged in user and display content or not based on the user group.The specific code is <?php
Advanced text editor not appearing in the frontend
Joomla 3.2: when assigning Author group to a user in order for him to create article from the front end the advanced editor it's not displayed to him: he gets just a basic white text form.Editor - JCE
"Remember Me" Problems
I am currently on Joomla 3.2.1, and will do the update to 3.2.2 shortly. I have been having trouble with "Remember Me". Would 3.2.2 fix the below issue, or is there anything I can do to
Huge file size for error.php in /logs ?
Hello, for some weird reason my website began inflating the error.php file in the logs directory under the joomla root. I mean it's getting constantly really big, I noticed it when it got to 2GB and
Adding custom fields to Modules?
Hi all -I've been getting used to adding custom fields to articles within Joomla 3, which has been going fine.In this case I've added a 'location' field to articles within an 'events' category by
modules are showing on search results
For Joomla 3x, how do I control modules from displaying when linking to an article that does not have a menu link? It doesn't seem very logical and frankly, senseless to link each and every article
[SOLVED] How to remove /en from URL?
I only have English on my website installed, yet the en/ is still showing. Any way to remove this? I did once install another language then uninstalled it in extensions manager.
Sql query on datebase for change category on items
Hi, I have 14000 items (articles) in wrong K2 category. K2 don't have Batch funcionlity like Joomla and only what in my mind to change value of category from category x in to categry y in database
Joomla 3.3 New Install gives 404 error in Plugin Mgr.
Hi,I did a clean install using RocketLauncher for Joomla 3.3.1 for a rocket theme template. When in admin I try to go to extensions>plugin manager and I get a 404 error and can't see any plugins.