Can I use Joomly to load files and launch a setup file

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Hi everyone, I have a very odd sounding question. I'm taking a class that has a massive law book as part of the course material. It will be used in many of my courses. The book comes with a CD that if you run the setup file, it launches a program that let's you access the books content online, via hyper links. But you have to have the CD in the computer to do this. I've been able to make a copy of the files that I could save to my hard drive, with the help of our IT guy. So now it runs without the CD, which is great. Problem is, I don't carry my desktop computer with me. And these files won't work on my mac, which is what I use the most.

What I'd like to do is load all the files to my website via FTP or Joomly and launch the setup file so it installs the files on my website hosting server. I'd like to be able to go to the website and see the program running, but have no idea if that's possible and the GoDaddy tech person couldn't assist me at all. So I thought I'd see if anyone here had any idea how to do this or if it's even possible.

I would rather use my tablet (ipad) to review the content instead of carrying this big book with me everywhere I go. So this would really help if it's possible.

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