Falang components mistake report in searching

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After we installed joomla newest version 3.3 and the falang components, open the joomla search modules and falang language swither modules, now there will be a mistake report(indication) shows on the front and back end, see the below image for details:


Notice:Trying to get property of non-object in D:phpStudyWWWszports_v1modulesmod_falanghelper.php on line 79
user_67027Wed, 10 Sep 2014

The problem is resolved.
falang developer will give you new help.php on modulesmod_falang.
and it is ok

user_67027Wed, 10 Sep 2014

thank you .
I send email to falang developer now.

user_58584Wed, 10 Sep 2014

I'm also using Falang on a website, and changing language on the search results page isn't possible for me either.

I think this is because search results for different languages can be different. If you want to be sure you can contact: http://www.faboba.com/en/contact.html

user_67027Wed, 10 Sep 2014

it's falang 1.4.0.
but and falang language swither can't use on search page,it means that we can't change language on search page. Is this why? any thoughts and help is appreciated

user_58584Wed, 10 Sep 2014

It's a notice, not an error.
Set error reporting to None in Joomla back-end.

Which version of Falang are you using?

user_67027Wed, 10 Sep 2014

oh.i am online. Who can help me

user_67027Tue, 09 Sep 2014

and falang language swither can't use.
any thoughts and help is appreciated

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