SMTP email and Joomla 3.3

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I cannot get activation mailing working on a new installation of joomla 3.3 running on my own linux server running under fedora 20. I am using exactly the same parameters that are used in my email client on the same machine but am getting the error:-
SMTP connect failed.
Registration failed: An error was encountered while sending the registration email. A message has been sent to the administrator of this site.

If I try PHP mail I get:- Could not instantiate mail function.
Registration failed: An error was encountered while sending the registration email. A message has been sent to the administrator of this site.

In the past, also running on a linux server under Fedora, using Joomla 1.6 and 2.5 I have successfully generated emails using PHP mail.

Does anyone know of any problems in 3.3 that could be causing the error(s).
user_56674Tue, 19 Aug 2014

I am having this issue also and the php.ini fix did not help.

Windows Server 2012
Joomla 3.3.3

SMTP settings tested with local email client work. The SMTP host is on the local network and am using the IP address.

The standard contact form gets SMTP connect failed for sending to the user and the "Send copy to yourself"

Reason for SMTP being preferable is so emails are less likely to be considered junkmail when being routed from another server.

Any help with this would be most appreciated.

Have tried PHPmail and Sendmail with no luck also.

Also where can I find the info that describes why I am getting the SMTP connect failed message?

user_56669Mon, 07 Jul 2014

Thank you starconfig09 that solved the problem for me, though why it was needed on my new machine and not on my old one is a mystery!

user_56673Wed, 02 Jul 2014

Hi all

My problem fixed


user_56673Fri, 27 Jun 2014

Hi there

I also have problems with website under joomla 2.5 and j3,

All of them have latest updates.

I am tried standard joomla settings, SMTP.. It doesn't help me at all.
I tested with another free joomla contact component and working fine. So I think the problem is with joomla contact component.

user_56672Fri, 27 Jun 2014

After updating to 3.3.1 one of my clients Joomla cannot connect to their Google apps SMTP server.
Google has been looking at it from their end for a week.

Note: I moved the entire cPanel account to another server as a test.
SAME RESULT -- still won't connect to SMTP.

user_56669Tue, 24 Jun 2014

As an update to this problem, here is an interersting fact. The problem is on a clean install of joomla 3.3 and Fedora 20 on a brand new computer (Zotac Zbox). I copied the Joomla files to another (old) machine but one running Fedora 20 which was updated by fedup from fedora 19 ( and updated over the years from serveral fedora versions) and it worked without a hitch (both PHP mail and SMTP). The PHP.ini files are identical so it can't be that. All Joomla settings on both macines are the same. Anyone have any suggestions?

user_56671Thu, 19 Jun 2014

Same problem!!!

user_56100Thu, 19 Jun 2014

What host name do you have for SMTP host?

Is the server able to resolve domain names?

user_56670Thu, 19 Jun 2014

Same problem, i'm using godaddy linux hosting and my joomla version is Joomla 3.3.1. smtp not working properly.

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