7% off when you buy with credit cards? 

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I wanna make a rules, when costumer buy items with credit card he have 7% off?

If somebody can expline me will be great.
Hope this make sens.
Thank You

user_565Mon, 18 Mar 2013


Take a look at Special Promotions Extension. With it you can set up great variety of rules with different conditions.

Feel free to contact directly our support team at http://amasty.com/support.html and they will help you to adjust the rule you need.

For more information, user guide and live demo follow the link http://amasty.com/special-promotions.html

user_3447Sat, 16 Mar 2013


OK so this is what you will do:

1. Login to admin section.
2. Go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules
3. Click on the “Add New Rule” button in the top right hand corner.
4. On the left is a set of tabs, In “Rule Information” set your general rule information.
5. In the “Conditions” tab you will need to do the following:
a. Click on the green + sign, a select box should appear. In the select box choose “Payment method”.
b. once select you should see something like “Payment Method is ...”, click on the “...”
c. a new select option should display, choose your payment method.

See screen shot for example of how it should look

6. In the “Actions” tab, set your desired actions.
7. Save

Thats it.

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user_12557Sat, 16 Mar 2013


so nobody know how to do this?

Guys is very important please.

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