Anyone using Magento Store Manager? 

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I’m having problems with Magento Store manager and they really don’t solve those problems that’s why I have deccided to ask it here:

I’m from Spain and we use “. dot” for thousands and “, comma” for decimals. Ex. 123.456,78
(I don’t really know in other countries if it’s the same)

I’m in the trouble that when I change a price inside Magento Manager, (ex. 1,00 € to 0,98 €) or any price with decimals, Store Manager bypass those decimals and I have 98 € reflected on my store.

They have not really solved this nor give me an explanation why this happens, they told me to change windows settings to work with “, comma” for thousands and “. dot” for decimals, but that’s not factible for me because it involves a change in all the other programs I use in windows. They have also point me to deal with those changes while importing articles, having to change all dots for commas but that’s a lot of works that really doesn’t solve my problem.

After this explanation:

Is there anyone using Magento Store Manager that has the same problem like me?
Have you find any solution to that?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


user_5740Mon, 01 Apr 2013


Finally we got the problem.
One engineer has been in touch with me by remote control screen sharing and has managed to find what caused the problem.
I would like to thank Magento Store Manager and their team of engineers to solve the problem.


user_437Mon, 01 Apr 2013



Please, try to set price from Magento admin and check how it will be reflected.
In meantime, as I know you were asked to contact us for remote desktop connection. So, we are waiting you online to investigate the issue.

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