Best Server Requirements for Magento

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Hi Guys,

I will keep it simple.

What is the most suited server requirements for a Magento Community Edition to run smoothly and fast ?

This is for the site that has over 500 products and has around half a million hits per month?

Thanks a lot.

user_422Tue, 16 Jul 2013



My experience is when you choose a magento hosting provider, they must have:

- Magento hosting package configuration: what they invest to configure server for magento only to get the best performance

- Magento support: of course very neccessary since almost customers will need help

- Security: they must take care the server security for us

- Speed and location: they should have a better caching system more than file caching system (slowest caching) and their server near your customers as much as possible.

You can also check this one Mageperfect server hosting.



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