Bulk images import in magento 1.7

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Hi everyone
I have some problems with image import
What i do in a wrong way?

1. created few product via admin panel
2. made export in csv-format
3. added products
4. dropped all images in folder media/import (for example FOTO.jpg)
5. added in csv-file in column IMAGE string /FOTO.jpg
6.made import: all products which i added in csv appeared but there wasn’t any image

What is wrong?
I will preciate any help!

user_18445Tue, 04 Sep 2012


Have you found the solution? Because I’ve got the same problem and don’t know how to resolve it. The only thing i found is this service. I think I’ll try it, seems to be useful.

user_437Mon, 03 Sep 2012


Hi there,

First of all, to get the better understanding of the issue, it would be good if you specify - where the images you uploaded are not reflecting: in the front-end, or backend or both?

Next actually for image upload you need only image name (as I see you provided the example with slash before image name), but actually it depends upon the tool you are using for import.

If you did not find the actual reason of the issue and the images will still not been seen via import method you currently use, then I can offer you an alternative - you can import images via application called Store Manager for Magento. It is desktop one and you need only image name indicated in .csv file for import.

There is a free trial - http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/store-manager-for-magento.html
so at least you can check it as an option. It may help you in your situation.

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