Custom prices disappear when edit or reorder product via Admin Panel

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We’re battling with what appears to be a very strange issue involving the Admin Panel (version Our sales staff often processes orders via the Admin Panel (because of phone orders), and often sets custom prices for various products (using the Custom Price checkbox and associated field). This works perfectly fine.

But when editing (and therefore creating a new order) or reordering, these prices are *reset* to the default price associated with the product, even if we explicitly changed those prices using the custom pricing option within the original order.

Surely this isn’t the desired behavior? I do understand the reason for creating a new order when the original order is editing, but why wouldn’t custom pricing carry over to the new order?

Thank you

user_6077Tue, 21 May 2013


I hate to dig up an old topic, but I don’t suppose someone put this into a module already?
I’m not a coder at all and although I can follow these instruction in order to change the core I looked up what was required to make a module and frankly I think it’s a bit over my head.

This feature, with the option to reorder and have it retain that custom price, would make my requirement so much easier.

I want a client to add items to thier cart to which we would make a new order for them adding the shipping costs. Then they can go into their account and “reorder” the products and it would include the custom shipping item.

Only problem at the moment is it wont retain the custom amount.


I could back up the create.php code but having to replace this stuff after every update is a pain.

user_8269Mon, 18 Jun 2012


Quick tweak, I failed to mention the line above will carry your custom price over for edits and reorders.  It’s probably more desirable just to do this for edits only.  See updated fix here…

user_8269Fri, 15 Jun 2012


Adding the line below fixes the issue.  Adding it to the initFromOrderItem() method inside the statement if ($product->getId()) in the file /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Model/Sales/Order/Create.php (in a custom module, not the core code, of course).

if ($orderItem->getOriginalPrice() != $orderItem->getPrice()) $item->setCustomPrice($orderItem->getPrice());

Seems like a bug with the system, though. I hope Magento ends up adding this to the core code, it’s a silly thing to have to fix since I don’t see any reason the custom price should be ignored. smile

user_8269Fri, 15 Jun 2012


Did you ever find a solution for this bug?

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