Google Base SKU and GTIN Question

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I have been reading the Google Base Product Feed requirements and Google state that all apparel product MUST have an SKU / GTIN (Global Trade Identifying Number) else the product will be exempt from inclusion in Google Shopping Results.

It also states that these 12 digit SKU/GTIN can not be made up and if product do not have one because they are a bespoke product then an exemption request has to be applied for by contacting Google directly.


How do I make the SKU for a configurable product unique.


I have created a configurable product for a pair of vest top and then create 3 simple products for the 3 available sizes small, medium and large.

Consequently, I have added the respective unique SKU/GTIN for each of the three simple products as printed on the product packaging, e.g,

- Small Vest Top SKU = 706211014593
- Medium Vest Top SKU = 706211014594
- Large Vest Top SKU = 706211014595

However, how do I determine the SKU/GTIN that magento asks for when adding the configurable product that these three simple products are associated to?

I can not use one from the Simple Products as Magento does not allow you to add SKU’s that are not unique and Google states that they can not be made up (home grown or approximations)

Can anyone advise please?



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