Hoaving two email issues: Emails sent into Spam folders, Order emails not being sent

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We’re having some issues with our emails sent from Magento. I looked on the forums but everyone seems to have a different answer for what fixes the issue and it’s different in every version. Does anyone know the solution to:

1. Emails are being marked as Spam

2. Order emails are not always sent (particularly for paypal purchases)

I believe the version is (In Downloader, it says “Magento Connect Manager ver.")

For problem #2, one of the solutions I found says to change the code in the “redirectAction” function in core/Mage/Paypal/controllers to add “$order->setEmailSent(true); “ after the calls to “$order->sendNewOrderEmail();” and “$order->save();”. ( http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/39592/ ) But the only file in /Paypal/controllers with this function is the StandardController.php and it doesn’t have any of the code to send the email:

public function redirectAction()

Another solution says to change appcodecoreMageCheckoutModelTypeOnepage.php Line 786 so “if (!$redirectUrl && $order->getCanSendNewEmailFlag()) {” only checks getCanSendNewEmailFlag(), but this is already changed in this version!

Does anyone have another solution?

user_25765Mon, 23 Jul 2012


Can anyone help me on this?


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