How do I make my website go live? 

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Hi, folks.  My website’s ready to go live.  In the backend -> system -> configuration -> web, I’ve changed the secure and unsecure URLs.  What directory/files do I move where (Please see attached picture)?  Is there anything else to do to make the site live?  Also, I’ve made a back-up of my products in a .csv file and have both back-ups made via Magento and my web host.  Do I need to make any other back-ups?  Many thanks

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user_13374Wed, 07 Nov 2012


Hi, MagikTejas.  Many thanks for your reply.

What I need to find out is what files/folders do I move to where to make my website go live?  (Please see the picture of my directory).  Tthe finished website’s folders and files are located in www/test/magento.

user_2016Tue, 06 Nov 2012


For moving magento from dev to live server you need to upload your magento directory to live server change the db configuration from "app/etc/local.xml" to connect to live database.

Then make a backup of entire Magento database with all the default phpMyAdmin options as .sql file.
Let’s suppose your development site is located at and your live site is located at

So the second step for you would be to open the backup file you created at first step and do Search/Replace All from “” to “”.

Magento stores complete url paths inside the database. Therefore you’ll end up with database full of url paths.

If you try to import the file with changes done as above then it may not imported & shows some foreign key issue. To fix this

Place following lines of SQL commands on the top of the .sql file


Place following lines of SQL commands at the end of the .sql file


Save the .sql file & import it into the live DB & you are done.

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