How to get the current active Coupon Code… HELP Please ! 

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Hi everyone.

I have created a new AJAX module for customers to request a coupon code. You can view it at

Everything works great except that I need a way to progmatically get the current active coupon code. When someone enters their email address I want to automatically send them an email containing the coupon code. I have searched Google and tried a couple of different things but nothing seemed to work.

I have checked my coupon code and made sure it is active and is set for the current time frame, but it is not returning a value.

If worst comes to worst I can hard code the “coupon code” directly in the IndexController.php file, then change it every month and update the coupon code being sent. However, I REALLY do not want to do this.

If anyone knows how I can progmatically get the current active coupon code I would be forever grateful if you share your wisdome… Thanks

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