Magento admin login redirect loop

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Hi All,
We are having issues with the admin login. It is validating the username and password but not going to the dashboard, it is redirecting back to login page again and again. No message.
What could be the issues, anybody got any ideas?
We are using Magento 1.5.1.

We have tried as follows:

* Session and cache directory are created and having 0777 permissions
* Reset the web/secure/use_in_adminhtml value to 0 (core config)
* The admin/security/session_cookie_lifetime to 60 seconds (core config)

Please Help.


user_10925Mon, 22 Apr 2013


Also check the “web/cookie/cookie_domain” setting in the “core_config_data” table.

I moved a site to a staging server (different domain name) and was getting the login redirect problem. Updating this value to the correct domain fixed it for me.

user_10924Thu, 27 Oct 2011


What a browser do you use?

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