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I’m going nuts over this issue:
I am setting up multiple stores with Magento 1.7 on GoDaddy. I installed the data files in a different folder (/mgto)
The following is happening: - “You don’t have permission” and 404. This is Ok. I don’t want anyone visiting the “main” store - Main store opens with the store selection dropdown. I don’t want this to happen & - Either 404s or “Mage.php not found”

I ...
... made the stores in Magento
... allowed Options -MultiViews in all .htaccess
... made the store1 & store2 subfolders
... copied .htaccess & index.php files
... edited index.php to define(’MAGENTO_ROOT’, ‘/mgto’);

I m now running in circles. I keep finding the same tutorials and posts and doing/undoing the same things

Please help!

user_7536Sun, 20 May 2012


I gave up.

Either Magento or GoDaddy or both DO NOT play nice when the Magento files are placed in their own folder and/or the store/view folders are all collected in a specific folder. So now I have everything jumbled together (big risk!) but working Ok.

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