shopping cart rule help - for every $25 purchased, receive a specific item for free

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I am trying to create a shopping cart price rule where for every $25 in the cart, a customer receives a specific item for free.  I have tried many different combinations in the Actions tab to try to get this to work without any luck.

Anyone know how this should be set up in the Actions tab?

Thanks for the help!

user_1605Mon, 25 Jun 2012



Our “ Free Gift Product “ module would be perfect match for your requirement.
When a customer purchases a product which is priced at more than (example)$15, the extension allows you to display “Free Gift” option automatically.

To know more about “ i95Dev Free Gift Product “ extension, please follow the link:

i95Dev Gift Product

i95Dev Team
One Church Street
Suite# 401
Rockville MD 20850.

Contact: 301.760.7499 or info at i95dev dot com

user_8397Mon, 25 Jun 2012


Hi, we have a module call “Free Gift” that might fits with your need.
You can review the module here

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