Should I translate urls? 

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I want to add an English store view to my Dutch default.

Should I translate urls?
Should I keep ’Create Permanent Redirect for old URL’ checked or set it unchecked?

Couldn’t find a good reference text. Anyone?

user_423Sun, 02 Jun 2013


If you want to rank, yes, get rid of the category prefixing and hard prefix the products urls with the language specific keywords. Saw sites with 10s-100s thousands products ranking first page next to top department stores, so it works.

user_5906Sat, 01 Jun 2013


Module that I have mention above is available at Magento Connect:

user_5906Fri, 07 Dec 2012


When You will add new store You don’t have to change anything with Your url’s. Magento will work fine as expected because url’s are stored in database per store view.

My advertisement now smile :
However, if You with to translate any urls in Magento to any language You like than I have made a module for that.
With it you can translate part of url - example:
or even
It’s not only allow entering translated url’s but also change links in templates - customer will see everwhere translated url’s.
It will be available at magento connect within few weeks (I’m waiting for store to sell it officially) but if anybody need this - just email me: poczta at kamilborkowski dot pl - I can sell it with discount smile

Module has also “test mode” - when enabled test mode that module will work on frontend only for logged in admin so You can test it safely.

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