Can't select country dropdown for new delivery address

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When a registered member of the site wants to send a product to a new delivery address in the checkout they are unable to select a country from the dropdown in the form in stage 3.

Here are some site details:
Version 1.5.1
Shoppica theme

To replicate this error you'll need to:
1. Checkout as a registered account holder - a guest account works fine.
3. In stage 3 of checkout select: I want to use a new address
3. Fill in the form and try and select a country from the select box.

I checked out the error using firebug and am getting this:

Code: Select all
<select id="country_id" class="required" onchange="$('#shipping-address select[name='zone_id']').load('index.php?route=checkout/address/zone&country_id=' + this.value);" name="country_id">
<option value=""> --- Please Select --- </option>
Notice: Undefined variable: countries in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 67
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 67

I checked and all seems OK as the template/checkout/billingaddress.tpl code is the same and works a treat.
So am a bit stumped and customers want to order gift to be sent to other addresses but can't input delivery addresses.

Any ideas welcomed, will happily buy a pint for whoever fixes.

Many thanks

user_5300Sat, 12 May 2012

Anyone help with this problem?

Or can anyone do a freelance job on it and sort the code for us. We are losing orders so willing to pay.
PM me.
Many thanks


user_5300Wed, 02 May 2012

Sorry to repost, but just to make things a little clearer.
Customers on our website who create an account can't send to a delivery address other than their own. If they try to send to a different delivery address they are unable to select a country as the drop down menu does not display any countries and so can't complete the order.

As we are a gift company it's a big issue.

The site is - if you register an account at checkout then try and deliver to another address you will see what I mean. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Best regards


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