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I am having some trouble with customers getting confused. OpenCart, it seems, by default uses our home state for the customers state in checkout. This in turn causes the tax rates for our state to show up and some customers are wondering why they are being charged tax. I have figured out how to get default selection in the state dropdown to be "Please Select" but I cannot figure out how to get that to be applied to the totals. So it shows 6.75% until the zip code and state are updated.

In short, how can I make tax in the totals to not show up until the customer starts filling out their information? More or less I need the totals to not have a state or zip associated until the customer fills that info out.

As a side note I'm using One Page Checkout(UsinfgAJAX to refresh the totals when an address field is entered) and TaxCloud Integration but I believe this is how OpenCart works by default.

Here is a screenshot:
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I think you need to change System>>Settings>>Edit>>Option Tab>>Taxes>>Use Store Tax Address>>Set it to None. I actually have both set to none and the tax, if there is any, does not show up until they are checking out and enter a State for shipping.

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