HELP with nivoslider and IE

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Hello, i have a problem with nivoslider not working in IE11 (works in FF chrome and mobile browsers tho).
Am running OC clean install with paliosix theme.

i have ran debugger in IE11 and get this error tho

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
$(document).ready(function() {
object doesn't support property or method 'nivoSlider'

anyone have any ideas to try?


user_59938Mon, 30 Nov -0001

Does not work in my good old IE8 either, however, some folks may laugh about this 'outdated' Browser Type. Still, a FEW HUNDRED MILLIONS of Internet Users still stick to Win XP for Years to come, therefore, JUST IGNORING this Number means to ignore a huge Potential of possible Customers. Shop-Owners should NEVER jump on the MOST MODERN Bandwaggon, they should use equipment, wich is capable to HANDLE EVERY Visitor.
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Just my 2 Cents, I would never install 'such' Options, they may look good, but all they do is to keep a certain amount of Visitors unable to see 'em. This is not professional Marketing..., especially under the Aspect, that XP-Updates can still be downloaded by just creating a reg-file, containing this:

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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

and click on it...

( Read about it, before you do it...!)


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