Orders not going through sometimes

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Hi there

My client has a website http://hiveswimwear.com and they've told me that sometimes when a customer goes to check out, they get to the shipping method section of the checkout but there's either a) no option to choose or b) they keep getting prompted to enter their address. (a bit ambiguous I know, but they can't seem to find any further information that might be relevant to creating the problem and I've tested it myself many times without receiving the same problems)

I upgraded their website from to a few months ago and used Excelport to move all products, categories, customers, orders etc. from the old version to the new one.

Since then they've had plenty of successful orders but it's just the odd couple of customers per week that can't get through.

Could anyone shed some light on why this might be happening?

Many thanks
user_68201Fri, 15 Jan 2016

1. Are the customers legitimate? Do you have a Spam module installed that is potentially blocking the person?  

2. So they cant get past shipping correct? If they dont then i would suspect that the address the person is using might not be compatible with the shipping method, especially if your customer still receives other orders fine. By this what i mean is say they are at a business  address and are attempting to use fedex home delivery. 

3. Mysql/ Opencart File Error having trouble pulling information from shipping server, or vise versa your store is blocking the shipping server. 

Let me know what you find

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