Possible to use Opencart behind an existing homepage?

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Hi, I'm new here so hello to anyone who reads this.

I have an online store that needs completely revitalising. I've found OpenCart today and it seems really good. I've been tinkering with the default template to match my colours etc. I would like to have the OpenCart store sit behind a homepage that I can design elsewhere to get the images etc. in the right places. I'm assuming this will be easier than amending the template too much because I don't really know what I'm doing.

I'm sure I've read today that this is possible but I've not been able to find out how to do it in the forums. I am using version v1.4.9.1 and learning to use it on a Wamp server. Ideally any visitor to my site would also be able to get back and forth to the home page and not realise they were moving from there to a store and vice versa.

Thanks in advance
user_10020Sat, 20 Nov 2010

Tac, I do this all the time with my Carts

here is an example of one of my sites: http://personalizeddrumsticks.net

It works great and is great for SEO

user_8005Sat, 20 Nov 2010

I've worked out what I was doing wrong. :-[

I put the 'store' folder in the webspace but not within the htdocs folder. Once I tried that it all went fine.

Thanks again for all your help, I wouldn't have got this far without it!

P.S. It's not the worst mistake I've made with OpenCart even though it's a pretty dumb one!

user_8005Sat, 20 Nov 2010

Hi and thanks for your reply.

I thought maybe it was something to do with changes I've made so I figured it best to start afresh. This is what I've done so if it is me messing up perhaps you'll be able to spot where I've gone off the rails: :choke:

I deleted the 'Store' folder I made yesterday from my webspace.
I downloaded OpenCart again & added the patch and the CRDF fix.
I deleted a load of images of iPods & Sony products etc & a load of flag images I won't use.
I uploaded all the 'Upload' folder files to my webspace into a new folder called 'store'.
I signed into my ISP and in my settings created a MySQL database with username & password but there is nothing in it.
I went to mydomain/store/ but got a 404 error
I looked in the config.php and admin/config.php files and both have nothing at all in them so not sure what to change/add?
In admin I changed the store URl to http://www.mydomain.co.uk/store/ but still got a 404 page.
My admin might still be on the WAMP as I turned that off and admin could not be found.
So I tried mydomain.co.uk/admin but got a 404
I've followed the OpenCart install instructions and have changed the file/folder permission to read/write for the following:

I've double checked my spellings on the url too.

I must be doing something wrong :-

user_39580Fri, 19 Nov 2010

Did you change the URLs in the config.php and admin/config.php files to match where your store sits now?

Also, you have to go in to your admin panel in the settings section and change your stores link there too.

user_8005Fri, 19 Nov 2010

Hi KCooper,

Thank you again for your help.

I made a folder called 'Store' and copied all the OpenCart files from my WAMP into it. Then I uploaded the folder & its contents via Cuteftp so that on the server is the folder 'htdocs' and 'Store'.

Then I went to http://www.mydomain.co.uk/store and got a 404 page.
Then I tried http://www.mydomain.co.uk/Store but still got the error page.

Have I done something wrong or missed out something obvious?

user_42320Thu, 18 Nov 2010

Create a new folder on the server, name it "store" or whatever you wish. Install opencart into this folder. It will then appear on your domain under the sub domain.

user_8005Thu, 18 Nov 2010

Hi, thank you that is the sort of thing I am trying to achieve, although only temporarily now.
I've got a site up and running already and I inted to replace it withe the OpenCart one I am working on now.

The home page is say mydomain.co.uk/index.html and I upload into a htdocs folder. If I want to put my OpenCart files on the live server to test them do I upload to the same folder or a different one?

Or do I change the homepage/storefront in OpenCart so it becomes mydomain.co.uk/opencart?

And this is where I really lose the plot as I haven't a clue what to do next or even if I'm doing the right thing so far :choke:

user_42320Thu, 18 Nov 2010

I might be getting your question wrong, but you can easily have a "welcome" page that is seperate to the opencart site. Place the "welcome" page at the root of your URl (http:// www. mywebsite .com) and place the opencart site in a subdomain (http:// www. mysite.com /shop). Then create a navigation bar that links back and forth between the two. That way you can develop the "welcome" page as you wish, without having to dig too deep into the opencart code. Of course, it would make things flow better if the opencart site did have the same design, though.

Hopefully, this is what you were getting at with your question :)


user_8005Wed, 17 Nov 2010

Ok so no one liked my question :(

I have a new question along the same lines as I have learned a bit more about OpenCart now and am happy to use it as it stands without a separate home page in front of it.

My new questions is: is it possible to upload the files etc. to my web space but not take down my current site until I am sure I've got the OpenCart store working properly? I am currently using a Wamp server on my PC but I feel I need to learn how to upload everything but don't want to over write my site just yet.

Thanks :)

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