Bringing page with JQuery into store
Hi, I was wondering what would be the best way to import a static Xhtml page which has JQuery into Zen Cart. I am hoping I can use EZ pages, but not sure how I bring the JQ in with the
How important is it for CSS to be clean?
Despite getting my cart built, I'm still a TOTAL rank amateur with coding, have worked with my site for what seems like a lifetime, almost ready to go live and I'm getting validation errors. My
Why is there a dual email login on my site??
When a person needs to login to the website, the login page list that you have to enter your email twice. I would like to fix this so you only need to enter your email once. This request is for login
Admin Order details showing twice with strange total
Zen Cart v1.3.9h fresh install with no upgrade add ons include google analytics, site map, Facebook like button, aftersales email modules, back in stock notifications, editable sidebox, email archive
Getting rid of product description
Here is a picture of my site: Does anyone know how I get rid of the text that is in red? Thanks so much, Kurt
Contact Us Page moves down 1/4"
Hi When selecting the 'Contact Us' or 'Tell a Friend' the whole page moves down 1/4" to accommodate '?>' at the top left hand corner of the page. What files would these two pages have in
delete discount coupon per customer
I apologize if I have not been good to search in the forum, but honestly I have not found anything like that. I would simply delete the use of a discount coupon from a customer, so he can use the
Login loses browser history
I have an odd issue I am looking for feedback on. While I am aware of *WHY* this occurs, and how, I am looking for solutions to the issue. What happens is, the customer comes to my website
Sorting Products
Is there any other way to sort products in the product listing besides going into each product and changing the order there? Thanks
Cannot log into admin- Gave wrong email address!!!!
I inadvertedly gave the wrong email address in my haste and now I can't seem to get my known pword to work, I can't reset it by email as the email I gave doesn't exist. A speedy reply would be
Diffrent Langauge font size
website: am trying to change the font size when a user selects arabic languge. my english font size is perfect but when its switched to arabic the font size is really small, am
SWF Flash Logo to Replace existing JPG
I'm planning ahead here. We've commissioned a Christmassy animated version of our logo as a .SWF file and we're planning to replace the current .JPG image with a .SWF I know that this won't be as
Specials text
I am using 1.3.9h When I run a special, I would like to change the text "Save:15% off" to "Save an additional 15%" I have not found where to change this text. I did find
[Done v1.6.0] Loose Breadcrumbs after clicking customers also purchased links
Never noticed this before, and have tried on various different sites of different versions and all seem to have the same thing happen. When i'm viewing a product and below is the customers also
gift certificates with Special
How do I setup a gift certificate that costs $10 but has a value of $20? I haven't been able to find an answer in the gift certificate forms