Dates/Months and Lbs to Kgs changing/formatting

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Is there a function in zencart admin where I could change zen date format.

define('DOB_FORMAT_STRING', 'mm/dd/yyyy');

To for example to > define('DOB_FORMAT_STRING', 'dd/mm/yyyy');

I also like to know if the measurements could be changed in the admin.
such as from Lbs > to Kgs etc

I would have though these would be basic stuff would have been included in the admin. ....or may be its already there and I can't see.

Can anyone please let me know. Thanks
user_795Wed, 10 Jan 2007

Thanks cobra. I though something like this was important enough to be included in the admin. I can see lots of other 'not so important' stuff we can change in admin and was surprise that it was not there.

Yes I am following your advice but ... no I won't say it :-(

user_313Wed, 10 Jan 2007

For the date string format search here as this has been answered many times.

The conversion to Kg use the admin > tools > developers tools > lower left box enter lbs and search all catalog files from the drop down. the files will list and there will be one with a defines as 'lbs' change this to 'Kg' or 'Kgs'

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