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I have scoured the forum about this and they all say the same thing but my problem is when i go to and see that other site have the same keywords i figured i had to change something. I have entered in custom keywords but no matter what when i look at page scource it still shows the meta name "keywords" and "description" content to be my category names and with my custom ones. How can I change this so it is just custom keywords are in the "keyword" location and a written description of site in the "description" content?
thanks for any help
user_302Wed, 18 Jul 2012

Well... you can stop fretting about the KEYWORDS tag... search engines all ignore it completely. It serves no purpose other than to waste your time. Better to leave <meta keywords> completely EMPTY.

And the <meta description> is also not much of a factor in search engine ranking, because Google (particularly) likes to formulate its own description these days, from page content and other areas.

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