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I have an odd issue I am looking for feedback on.

While I am aware of *WHY* this occurs, and how, I am looking for solutions to the issue.

What happens is, the customer comes to my website from a google search result, they add the product to their cart.

Now they go to checkout, and register a new account, and log in.

Now they decide they want some OTHER items , and want to return to the original page they were on when they first arrived - HOWEVER -

They want to use the back button in their browser. Using the back button returns one only as far as the My Account page - it will not go back any further than that - - using the back button goes to the login redirect which ends up back on the My Account page. From the customer's perspective, they are stuck in an endless loop and cannot get back to where they were.

Now what I want to do is find some way of hitting the back button and SKIPPING the login redirect - so that using the back button on the browser will go back history -2 instead of history -1 - is there any way to accomplish this task so that my customer can step back through from their logged-in cart , to arrive at their original entry page, (without getting stuck on that redirect loop after login) - Anybody have a solution to this ?

In short, my website works normally for most people, however inexperienced users that only know enough to use the back button on the browser to get back to a previous page get caught in that loop - they get frustrated and give up, and go elsewhere! (Thanks to Recover Cart Sales add on for helping me identify this issue - one customer out of 10 actually bothers to reply back! )
user_59974Mon, 05 Dec 2011

I agree - Not going to even try to manipulate the user's browser. I am hoping someone may have a solution to the redirect issue or some way to intelligently manipulate the redirect (I.E. if the referring page is My Account, then do not redirect there but instead do a history.go(-2) or some such to skip past the redirect, or kill the redirect and let them click back button from that point. ) - Just a it of logic, I'm sure could solve that, but I wanted to see if anyone can make it easier for me than me having to go and dig through piles of code and tracing the logic - in other words, point me at the file and the line # where the logic might be effectively put in place to check if the referring page is the same as the page that it is going to redirect to, and if so, then break the redirect and just show a "Click here to go to your Account Page" or some such - that way the user is not getting stuck in an endless redirection loop when trying to use the back button :)

user_55901Mon, 05 Dec 2011

There are some pretty smart folks here, so someone may have a suggestion, but I can't think of a way you could control what a visitor's browser sees as the last page visited.

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