My admin counter numbers can't be right

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This seriously can't be right. This is what zen cat is showing in my admin :-

Counter History for last 10 recorded days Session - Total
12/02/2009 4932 - 21008
12/01/2009 6670 - 26792
11/30/2009 4890 - 25420
11/29/2009 5591 - 26795
11/28/2009 5909 - 21723
11/27/2009 3596 - 27315
11/26/2009 3675 - 24611
11/25/2009 4900 - 23054
11/24/2009 5167 - 28761
11/23/2009 3646 - 32557

There is no way this statistic is right that i am getting on average 5000 UNIQUE visitors a day. I have checked this on my server log and it is completely different. I have also checked this by other means and i am only getting 1000 unique visitors on average so what is the admin counter all about ????
user_10243Fri, 04 Dec 2009

But if you look in previous posts by the zen team they state that the first number is UNIQUE visitors so i was only going off what they said

user_16749Fri, 04 Dec 2009

My counter stats are sky high too and when I check my who's online, there are many duplicate ip addresses which are my own website. What is the server doing - it is constantly doing some kind of query but I cannot work out what (not sure where to look).

I posted a message about this a few days ago but no reply. Coincidentally, just got a message from my host asking to upgrade due to excess cpu usage. Running 1.3.8a with all security patches - not many mods and no live chat or scheduled tasks running.

any advice on this welcome

user_18304Thu, 03 Dec 2009

Its the number of created sessions (first number) and the number of page views (2nd). A Session doesnt necessarily mean a unique user. It can be that they open another browser windows and thus create a new session. Tools like Google analytics are much better to see real user statistics than the Zencart counter.

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