Problems when accessing site without "www"

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When accessing the site with "", the site comes up okay. When accessing it without the "www" (, the site doesn't come up -- it appears to be trying to download something. We're using version 1.3.7. The site address is if you want to test it. We have another domain pointing there and it experiences the same problem; working with the "www" and doing the download bit without the "www".
user_31688Tue, 15 Jan 2008

I can see the site just fine without the www.

Sounds like a DNS issue or something... have you checked all the information with your webhost or registrar to see that is correct?

Are you sitting on the same network as your website? Sometimes that can create issues if your router isn't probably designed with a feedback loop or something.... but then again, this problem should only be happening with old or improperly configured routers.


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